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The Chinese have always been inventive and they created gunpowder, compass, paper and many other inventions we all use that changed our lives dramatically. Today, China is following its tradition in being the leading innovator in the world and creating a nurturing environment for creative business thinkers and innovators.

In order to facilitate and promote domestic innovation and entrepreneurship, WTOIP has organized two IPIEC contests since 2015. The primary motivation of the contest is to allow us to promote revolutionary technologies in a much broader and faster way, and to improve the awareness of the general public, academics, investors and entrepreneurs on technology trend and IP concepts.

Following our great success of domestic IPIEC contests, we have decided to expand across international boundaries and organize IPIEC GLOBAL 2017, aiming to help overseas innovators on the verge of technological breakthrough forward.

No matter who you are and where you come from, your ideas are valued here.

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